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Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall "First on Google the first page of Google gets 52% of the clicks..divided..."
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Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall here is how to rank on Google Page one for any keyword you like... You need a gmail account .google gmail to sign up for this and you need a google plus google plus for this too.. wait a while til you see a share button in the top right hand corner of your gmail page now i need you to think of a keyword you want to rank for... Then you need to type the keyword using this search term public domain: interesting facts about (your keyword) look for something no more than two or three sentences long...copy and paste it below your keyword..add your link below that..and you are good to go..let me know what keyword you chose when you are done please.
Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall Thank you for replying ,...I really appreciate it! I offer services that every business person needs...these include seo, website building, increasing your online release writing and submission....IF you are interested in learning more..just reply to this message.. I have ranked Tom Cote, another LinkedIn member for the search term locksmith in citrus springs that search term to see all the listings there..he dominates the first page! Can I do the same for you? P.S. IF you do not have a business that you own,.could you please recommend someone who could use my services? Thanks again... Steve
Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall IF a 1st page ranking for your business or money url is important to you..well..I can do it for sweat..let me know what your link is and I will give you a price! Thanks! Stephen Hall
Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall Discover the secret that marketers wont tell you about the home business revolution!
Welcome to Vertical Legacy
Vertical Legacy's products can be used globally and are designed to allow you to reach your financial, entrepreneurial, and life goals sooner than once believed.
Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall I am KILLING it with video..look at the keyword I am ranking for...How would you like a first page ranking for your url? Right at the top! 507,000,000 competing searches and I am top dog! Watch it if you want to..... But what I want to do is do the same for you...I can get you traffic, exposure and fame by being that high up in the search engines...$35 for one or $55 for me at put SEO Good SEO in the subject...thank you!
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How would you like a first page rank for your companies url? Get...
How would you like a first page rank for your companies url? Get the authority, respect, and trust that comes with a 1st page Google ranking..only $55.00 How would you like a first page ranking for your url? Email me at...
Stephen L Hall
Stephen L Hall First on Google the first page of Google gets 52% of the clicks..divided between 10 results..the rest of all the other pages,.usually in the millions..gets 42% ..This is why you need to be on Google First page! Go here for how to get there...
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I can put you on the first page of Google many different is a direct ranking of your website..the cost for doing this is $25 per keyword..which is a temporary price set to expire shortly.. Another way of doing this is by creating a...
Muhammad Niaz
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Umer Farooq was endorsed by Erik Olson for Internet Entrepreneur
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Paul Kell
Paul Kell was endorsed by 3 people for System Administration, Active Directory, Disaster Recovery, Hardware, Enterprise Software
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